Marennes Oleron Oyster farmer Maison Fonteneau, since 1970 on an exceptional terroir

Our passion
The culture of oysters ...

Our farm located in the heart of the Marennes Oléron basin, is in direct contact with the sea.

Refining ...
Our core business

An oyster matured in clear for several weeks which gives the oyster its strong marine flavor, the subtlety of a terroir taste that lasts for a long time in the mouth.

The production... More than 50 years of experience of alliance between Land & Sea

Our products

Know-how & Nature At the heart of the largest oyster farming basin in Europe

Passion and commitment

Passion and commitment are the words that best characterize our work in our estate located in the heart of the largest oyster basin in Europe.

In harmony with nature

Being a breeder and refiner means learning to live in harmony with nature, to observe and prepare the maturing wines that give oysters all the richness and nuances of our land.

Award-winning quality products

Our requirement, quality products rewarded by 23 distinctions including 14 obtained at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris over the past 16 years.